Albian rudist fauna from the karaburun peninsula PDF
Lower cretaceous rudist biostratigraphy of southern France ( Masse ) PDF
Révision de Flabellipecten solarium du Miocène moyen et supérieur PDF
Les coquilles des calcaires d'Orgon mise à jour des fossiles retrouvés PDF
Early Cretaceous Trigoniids of the Crimea (Rutitrigonia longa, p 60 planche 8) PDF
Ecophenotypic plasticity versus evolutionary trends—morphological variability in Upper Jurassic bivalve shells from Portugal PDF
A multidisciplinary study of Late Jurassic bivalves from a semi-enclosed basin
Examples of adaptation and speciation and their stratigraphic and taphonomic background (Lusitanian Basin, central Portugal)
Fossil panopeans (Bivalvia, Hiatellidae) from Rhodes, Greece PDF
Ptreotrigania scabra crétace Coniacien Santonien PDF